Summary of our plans

The Crown Estate has worked closely in partnership with Westminster City Council, Transport for London and other key stakeholders, including accessibility specialists AccessAble, to develop the trial of our Regent Street Public Realm scheme.

We want to enhance the environment for visitors, workers and users of Regent Street for the benefit of the wider West End. The trial scheme embodies our shared aspirations to improve air quality, create opportunities for sustainable transport and deliver world-class destinations that are accessible to all.

The improvements include:

Significant greening

Introducing 332 planters containing low level planting and 62 trees of 16 different species. A mix of evergreen and deciduous trees have been installed to add seasonal interest and variation, enhance wellbeing and attract biodiversity.

Wider pavements

Creating approximately 5,000 square metres of additional space for pedestrians to support social distancing, improve accessibility and improve visitors’ experience.

Reduced traffic lanes

Reducing road space from 4 lanes to 2, aiming to reduce vehicle traffic, to help improve air quality, by reallocating the space to improve the experience within the street.

Improved provision for cyclists

New dedicated cycle lanes and cycle parking as part of our drive to encourage sustainable transport solutions.


Introducing comfortable and accessible seating along the street to provide places to rest and pause amongst the trees and greening, whilst also providing an opportunity to enjoy and experience the architecture.

Digital innovation

Installing monitors and sensors to gather information about the characteristics of the street, for example, traffic, footfall and air quality monitoring among others.


Progress to date

Phase 1 – All Souls Church to Piccadilly Circus:

All widened pavements now laid.

Installation of majority of trees and planting – completion early March 2021.

Seats, benches and digital innovation – delivery from March 2021.

Phase 2 –Piccadilly Circus, Piccadilly & Regent Street St. James’s:

Delivery of pavement widening, cycle lanes and greening in Jan – March 2021.

Seats, benches and digital innovation – delivery from March 2021.



March 2020

Lockdown 1

March-August 2020

Evidence gathering and concept design

May 2020

Westminster City Council (WCC) install temporary social distancing barriers.

September 2020

WCC Cabinet Member and Transport for London approval for Regent Street Public Realm scheme.

September-October 2020

Regent Street Public Realm scheme design development.

5th October 2020-mid-March 2021

Construction of Phase 1 (All Souls Church to Piccadilly Circus).

October 2020

Lockdown 2

5th Dec 2020

VIP Launch with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan; the Leader of Westminster City Council, Rachael Robathan; the Lord Mayor of Westminster, Jonathan Glanz; and Minister for London, Paul Scully MP.

December 2020

Lockdown 3

January-mid-March 2021

Construction of Phase 2 (Piccadilly Circus to Charles II Street).

From March 2021

Installation of seats and benches within Regent Street public realm.

April 2021

Construction complete

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