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The Crown Estate, in partnership with Westminster City Council, has brought forward the Regent Street Public Realm scheme as a new experimental trial. Working with other key stakeholders including Transport for London, our vision for this exciting project is to create a safer, greener, cleaner and more accessible user and visitor experience.

The trial was brought forward to respond to the urgent need for additional space for social distancing and to provide a better, more engaging experience for all those using Regent Street. The scheme comprises widened pavements to prioritise space for pedestrians, extensive greening and tree planting, new seating, cycle lanes and cycle parking.

The scheme is enabling us to test, experiment and refine our approach for the future of Regent Street. To help understand how the street functions and to inform future improvements – as well as responding to emerging trends in retail, and the climate emergency.

Your feedback is important to us as part of this trial. We want learn from the local community and wider users so we can continue to shape and evolve Regent Street. On this website you will find more information and news about the project, and can also provide your comments and feedback.

The trial scheme seeks to complement the wider West End in addition to the plans for the Oxford Street District. You can learn more about the plans for the Oxford Street District here.

Have Your Say

We want to understand your priorities for Regent Street, as well as gather your feedback on the experimental trial scheme.

The comments and feedback you share on your priorities will be used to inform the future of Regent Street and the needs of those that use it.

Any possible future permanent scheme for Regent Street would be subject to full consultation and appropriate surveys/information.


The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate is a purpose-led business established by statute and accountable to Parliament. We actively manage a diverse portfolio which includes the seabed around England, Wales and Northern Ireland, commercial property in London and prime retail and leisure destinations across the country.


Regent Street

Named after the Prince Regent, the street was first built in 1819 under the direction of architect John Nash, and was later rebuilt in the early 20th Century. Today it is home to world-class retail, modern offices and is globally attractive international destination for visitors and users.

Over the last decade, The Crown Estate has invested significantly in Regent Street, delivering modern retail, leisure and office space together with the sensitive rejuvenation of heritage buildings. The surrounding public realm and public spaces have also evolved. Together with our partners we are working to improve accessibility, air quality, biodiversity and the experience of all those who visit and use Regent Street.

Regent Street Enhancements

Click on the icons below to find out more about our plans.

Over 1.2km of new cycle
routes along Regent Street
and Langham Place

Wider pavements creating
over 5,000 square metres of
additional space for pedestrians.

Expanded bus stops waiting
and boarding to provide more
space for bus users
to aid social distancing

Over 60 mature trees have
been introduced on Regent
Street for the first time
creating a “linear arboretum”
with 16 distinct tree species.

Enhanced greening, biodiversity
and planting provided by over
330 new planters

Cycle lanes introduced to
encourage cycling and sustainable
transport choices

These changes provide an opportunity to improve the experience for locals and visitors by adding new pedestrian spaces, greening and biodiversity, whilst also allowing us to trial new technology to monitor how Regent Street is used and ensure it continues to evolve to put people at its heart.



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